Welcome to LASBO Logged In!

Welcome to the next generation of LASBO Membership connection!  LASBO has grown, not only in numbers of members, but also in our connection needs.  The LASBO Board of Directors has agreed this new technological direction is needed.  We ask for your patience as we learn and grow with this new online forum.

Our primary goals for LASBO Logged In will be simple at first.  We believe this will become our new communications tool.  We are currently working to accommodate of electronic registration for conferences, electronic dues renewals, and provide a management tool for continuing education information.

We need your help with the first part of this process to make sure the membership information we have for you is correct and updated.  We ask that you log in and verify your information.  Not all of the data transferred, so there may be some data you will need to update.  We appreciate your help with this task.  We invite you to come watch us grow in LASBO as we make progress with LASBO Logged In!

Thank you!

New Membership Process!
LASBO's dues process will change for 2018!
On November 1, 2017, electronic invoices will be sent with the current listing of members listed on the invoice as members of LASBO connected with their specific school district/
organization.  Business Managers will have the option to modify electronically or manually, then pay annual dues electronically or manually.
New LASBO Logged In Terminology: 
What is an Organizational Link? 
As a member of LASBO, you are linked to your school district or organization. This tells LASBO what organization you belong to.  It's important for you to keep your profile up to date.  Not only to get the latest news from LASBO, but to keep your membership information current and to stay connected!